Who we are and what we do:


Well Worn is a young and vibrant Physical Theatre company with a strong environmental ethos. Started in Johannesburg in 2008 by Kyla Davis, Well Worn aims to create new and stimulating theatrical work around the themes of climate change and global warming, sustainable and holistic development, social justice and the ever-growing ‘Eco-Consciousness’ taking over our planet.

Well Worn would like to contribute towards creating a local and global society that values Life above the vested interests of Big Business and Bad Governance. We also strive to encourage, through theatre, the positive emotional, spiritual and physical growth of humans and their communities and our Earth. Well Worn wants to be part of the Solution….

It’s difficult to try and convey our innermost workings in a bit of internet blurb. But we’ll give it a bash. These are some of the values and ideals we hold dear:

  • Reduce, Reuse, Refill, Repair, Recycle and RETHINK in all things. Material to metaphysical.
  • A great love for the earth: its natural systems, biodiversity and awe-inspiring wondrousness.
  • Deep compassion for our brothers and sisters that we share the planet with and because of that, a necessary interest in environmental and social justice issues.
  • Education and edification. Communicating these issues through theatre. Fine, nail-biting, tear-jerking, gut-laughing theatre!
  • A sense of fun, playfulness, adventure and hopefulness in all our endeavours.
  • A belief that the world and all her inhabitants are ever changing, ever growing. Movement is life. Humankind is consciously evolving as a species and the time to stand up and be counted is now.
  • An affinity with all things odd, quirky, left-of-centre, experimental, daring, outrageous, silly and progressive.
  • A passion for activism and mischief…getting involved and making a difference in your home, school, community, church, city, country, world: We never, ever get tired of saying Think Globally, Act Locally.
  • A profound love and respect for things/people/places/actions of quality, sturdiness and integrity

Legally, we are a registered Not for Profit (066-694-NPO). Our aims and objectives are to:

  • Build an ensemble theatre company that strives to create devised work that is inventive, imaginative, enlightening and inspiring.
  • For a large part of this work to focus on environmental themes, in particular Climate Change, Global Warming and the Social Justice issues pertaining to these and therefore,
  • To encourage in South Africa’s youth an intelligent and eager theatre-going audience as well as an ‘Eco-Conscious’ and Socially Responsible generation.