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Published 12 October, 2009 by Kyla

So obviously the big news this month is the 350.org global climate campaign.  Well Worn and Anthea Moys (http://www.antheamoys.co.za/home.html)  an utterly fabulous performance artist from Jo’burg, are joining forces to coordinate the Jozi event at Emmerentia Dam on the 24th October. You can find out more about this by clicking the link on our home page. We very much hope to see you there, in full force with your underpants over your jean pant and sparkles round your eyes.

Only kidding! Come however you like just please COME! This is a chance for us Jo’burg residents to really reveal our true colours when it comes to SAving the World and caring for our planet. We have admittedly, been a little slack up until this point, but these are exciting times and more and more people are joining the Global Climate Justice Revolution. Don’t be left behind.

In other news, we are making an appearance at Earth Sciences week at the Sci-Bono centre in Newtown. With our walkabout, interactive characters: The Climate Refugees, looking for a new home because theirs has been destroyed by the various effects of Climate Change (floods, hurricanes, droughts);  Miss Consumer Bunny who likes to shop shop shop. And Waste! Waste! Waste! and also the Greenhouse Keeper who invites kids into her giant Greenhouse to experience Global Warming first hand. Phew-weeee! Was it sweaty in there!

As well as this, Moi,  Kyla, Artistic Director and multi-tasker-extraordinaire, is participating in an awesome arts project called 1 Mile Squared. It is an opportunity to work with Anthea (above-mentioned superstar and best playmate in Jo’burg) as well as Lee and Sandra from Friction Arts in Birmingham. We are coming up with lots and lots of very exciting ideas and you can read about what we are doing here:  http://www.square-mile.net/Community.aspx?MileID=31 and Friction Arts’ blog here: http://www.frictionarts.com/news/

So you see,  October is chock a block. The Global Climate Revolution is here people, and the movement is gathering steam (can you say that? Oh you know what I mean!). It surely is an exciting time to be alive, be African and be part of something beautiful.

See you on the 24th you champions!

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