People We Like


These guys inspire, inform and amaze us. Go check out their sites and see what they get up to:

  • Lunchbox Theatre:
    An amazing little company based in the Garden Route. And our friends.
  • Jungle Theatre:
    The Big Daddy of environmental, interactive, educational theatre in Cape Town.
  • Kilter:
    Our soulmates in the UK and collaborators in another life…
  • Earthlife Africa Jhb:
    They’ve been around for twenty years. If you’re not yet a member, JOIN!
  • Project 90×2030: www.90×
    These guys are truly making a difference in a practical, down-to-earth way. They are also a great support to us. We love them, truly.
  • Save Our World:
    This is where we started. They take an incredibly important angle on Climate Change Awareness. They are our spiritual home, we would never be where we are without them
    We think they are running a brilliant campaign. We’re involved already.
  • IPCC:
    Everything you ever wanted to know about Climate Change but were too afraid to ask….
  • Groundwork:
    Hardcore activists and campaigners.
  • Otesha:
    Also our friends in the UK. We think their tone, their integrity, their creativity is second to none. We have a bit of a crush on them I think.
  • Campaign Against Climate Change:
    We were very involved with them in the UK. Noone can organize a rally like these okes.
  • Rising Tide:
    They are so deliciously naughty and delightfully creative when doing their thing!
  • Global Climate Campaign:
    This is the year. This is the time. You are the person. See what this campaign entails and then get in touch with us to help organize the SA version this year.
  • Urban Sprout:
    Thank goodness for practical people like this!
  • The Greenhouse Project:
    You must go and visit their wonderful building in Joubert Park, Johannesburg and see for yourself the good work they do.