Coming Soon: Jozi ‘350′ Climate Action Day

Published 8 October, 2009 by Kyla

Dear Friends

PleaseĀ  join us for a fun, relaxed, entertaining, informative and family-friendly Climate Change jol….Jozi style!

We see the day unfolding thusly:

8am: Wake up! Shake off your babbelas and have a hearty breakfast to prepare your body for an awesome day of singing, dancing, chatting, sharing and networking with like-minded folk.

8.15am: Dress up! Wear your most colourful, eye catching garments. Dress like a super-hero. Put your underpants on over your pants! Make a cape, splash on some glitter! We are saving the world here after all remember. We surely need to do it in style hey…?

9am: Walk, hop, skip, jump, bus or cycle your way over to Emmerentia Dam in Jo’burg. However you get there, try and leave your gas guzzling car at home, just for the day. Go on. Challenge yourself.

10am: Meet us at 10am at Emmerentia Dam. Come in the main entrance to the Botanical Gardens just off Thomas Bowler Road. Follow the beautiful people….

10.30ish: We will set off on a bright, cheerful and noisy parade around the park. Please bring your drums, your guitars, any instrument you desire. Also, feel free to make banners and T-shirts with a Climate Change/350 message on them and hold them high as we stroll round the dam.

12.30ish: After the parade, we will settle down to a fabulous picnic under the trees. Not sure if you, reading this, have ever been to Emmerentia, but trust us…it is the most beautiful spot, right in the heart of Jo’burg and on OUR day, it will be in full and glorious bloom. Please bring your own picnic stuff and, if possible, extra food to share. The more the merrier.

13.00: During the picnic and at our leisure, there will be a few activities going on. Firstly, there will be a few guest speakers talking about the reason for the day, the number ‘350′ and why we need to act now. We will welcome and hear from all the participating groups and of course there will be a bit of music and theatre to keep our spirits high. As well as this, you will have an opportunity to write to Mr Zuma himself on postcards provided by us, urging him to act now and go to the Copenhagen negotiations to demand a fair, binding and ambitious Climate Treaty for South Africa and the world. We will collect these postcards and deliver them to his office on your behalf. Oh yes we will….

14.00ish: The Main Event! The Bee in our Bonnet! The WHOOP in our Whoopee! After the picnic, all the young of heart and the agile of body will come together to make a giant ‘350′ with our bodies that we will take a picture of to put on the website to join with thousands of other pictures to be taken in over 130 countries around the world on the same day, all united in calling for the same thing.

Isn’t that an amazing thing?! Doesn’t that make you feel glad to be alive? It does it for us.

15.00: Pat ourselves on the back, pick up our litter, give our new friends a hug and promise to call them next week and make our way home feeling inspired, invigorated and enthralled to be part of a movement so big and so powerful and so necessary for our planet.

How does that sound for a plan? We knew you’d like it! So, we’ll see you on the 24th of October? I really do hope so.

Please don’t forget to bring:

1. Your feets! (as few cars as possible please. Let’s give Mother Earth a Weekend shall we….)
2. Yourself and as many family and friends as you can.
3. Picnic Paraphernalia: blankets, umbrellas and food (with some to share if possible please)
4. Your excellently designed superhero outfit: Colours! Sparkles! (also a hat. African sun you know….)
5. Noise makers: drums, guitars, harmonicas, your voice.
6. Posters, banners and T-shirts with ‘350′ drawn on.
7. A pen to write to Mr Zuma.
8. Your good humour and sense of fun.

Please sign up now at if you’d like to join in, and contact us if you can help with the preparations – which we would absolutely love and appreciate if you could! Get in touch.

Kyla 076 715 2414
Anthea 084 822 6577

It’s gonna be a great day and really, we can’t wait to see you there….


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