Climate Change Action Programme Does Jozi!

Published 19 August, 2010 by Kyla

Hello Jo’burg

So, we’ve visited around 20 schools so far and it has been very exciting to see the positive response from pupils and teachers alike.  Here is what some of the teachers have had to say about our play and programme:
“Your teacher pack is fantastic, thanks!” – Head of Academics, St Stithian’s

“It was a super play.” – Teacher, IH Harris Primary

“Well Worn Theatre came to our school 2 weeks ago and were amazing!
The pupils loved it and they were so funny – I think I enjoyed it more
than anyone! It helps with grade 8 and 9 syllabus and global warming
discussions!” – Head of Leadership and HOD Geography, Beaulieu College

We’ve travelled as far as Orange farm and Ivory Park but also a little closer to home in Hillbrow and Emmarentia.  It has been a fascinating and enlightening experience visiting these primary schools all over Gauteng.

We have a policy that we will visit any school that shows an interest in becoming ‘Climate Conscious’ and so as a result we have met teachers, learners and Principals of all cultures, colours, languages and backgrounds.  It is both heartening and daunting meeting these people: daunting because you get a sense of how much work is truly needed to make a difference in the way that we as a nation confront energy, water and waste issues, but heartening too to realise that most children and schools are actually very knowledgeable about the subject as well as up for the challenge and very much in agreement on how big of an impact this crisis is for our future.

Just to remind everyone that we are still actively seeking Primary Schools to participate. If you are a teacher, parent, learner, facilitator or even just a curious and concerned citizen, please give us a call to book the play for your school. It is free of charge as we are fully funded by the National Lottery so, really, there are very few reasons why you shouldn’t just give us a call right now….?

(011) 023 9440 or 076 7152414 or to book.

Looking forward to visiting your school soon!

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