The Jozi 350 climate action picnic and parade

Welcome to Well Worn Theatre Company

We are your favourite, most lived-in, dependable pair of jeans, the ones with the patch on the bum. We are a pair of sturdy boots that has taken you round the world and back and been repaired at least 500 times. We’re a scuffed door, a battered suitcase, a weathered wall with fading paintwork that, in a certain light, looks strangely beautiful.

We’re your eccentric cousin who can never quite behave nicely at family braais; a heaving bookshelf with dog-eared, well read paperbacks that still provide hours of delight; a rickety bicycle that you found in a charity shop and that gets you wherever you need to go, every time; a genius collection of weird and wonderful things that you simply cannot bring yourself to throw away. We are your veggie patch after a summer shower: fecund, moist, alive.

Well Worn is your dose of chaotic creativity in an increasingly uber-clean, sterilized, character-less, brand-spanking-new, made-in-elsewhere, air-conditioned world that we lately so often find ourselves surrounded by.

So please, come in, take off your shoes and socks and have a wander round. Get a feel for who we are and what we love to do. Meet the people and see the stuff that inspires us to be brave and bold. Dip into our hopes and dreams and ideas for the future.

And then, if you feel like somehow you’ve known us forever, give us a call. Get in touch and get involved. We are always looking for kindred spirits.

Here’s to a juicy future…..